No one should ever be forced to roam the earth in search for a place to call home.

Today there are more displaced people in the world than ever before!

The numbers are growing, and it will increase exponentially due to climate change, insecurity and poverty. 

Millions of people will be forced out of their home land and will have to look for another place to go. 

This is a global crisis and it requires global solutions! 

Walls and bullets are not the answer!

While fleeing their country for safety they lose their families, their country and their nation and their tribe. 

Who would leave their home and everything that is familiar to them. 

Sometimes their families have to go to a place where they will be received with hostility...

Imagine feeling unwanted and lost while trying to create a new life for yourself and your family!

Possibly fleeing your country of origin for fear for your life!

Most of us could not begin to think how this could be.

Therefore we need to be grateful that we are not in that predicament and willingly be open to figure out how we can all do our share towards those who need our guidance and support in creating a new life without upsetting local communities who fear that refugees are taking away their jobs and benefits. 

UBUNTU PROJECT is focusing on the creation of an educational hub where each and every individual who is open to learning new skills can connect and be supported virtually, giving them the possibility to generate an income using what most have which is their mobile phones.