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The Digital Jungle LifeStyle is an online community and educational platform, that will guide you through your personal transformation to become empowered to achieve your wildest dreams in health, relationships and wellbeing through the creation of daily habits that work for you! 

Digital Jungle LifeStyle started as a solution to a problem.

Founder Michelle Oldenburg set out to create what was missing in her own life. A community/hub where ambitious individuals can learn and grow, step by step, how to create a lifestyle that serves them using the amazing tools that technology has gifted us all with, the "Digital Jungle" AKA: the Internet. 

Recently joining forces with her brother, Sargent Major Fred Oldenburg, a serving soldier in the British Military, coincidentally specializing in Jungle Combat, and creating courses for international forces, no obstacle is too outrageous as we share our life experiences fused between a military and civilian lifestyle, to create the foundations of our content aimed at supporting and guiding you to achieve what you desire in life, no matter what challenges may appear in the process. 

One of the biggest challenges in just getting started with any new routine or venture is the lack of support and a road map to get you seeing results as soon as possible, no matter how small, progress leads to positive results all the time. 

Positive results lead to you feeling more empowered each day that you take action! 

For those thinking of creating a healthier lifestyle, we cover health, relationships and thanks to the Digital Jungle we all live in nowadays, I guide those wishing to create projects they are passionate about and turn them into either a side hustle or a full time business venture. 

There are so many amazing opportunities to get involved with that this can also leave many people feeling overwhelmed with the decisions they have to make from the getgo.

One thing that is key to understand is that your life is the BIG picture and your business has to fit into your life!!

To learn more and connect with us further, be sure to reach to reach out and say hello and jump into “The Tribe” onto grab our weekly newsletter and more. 

Your Vision is our Mission here in the Digital Jungle LifeStyle. 🌴

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"The One Thing You Fear The Most Is The One Thing That Will Set You Free!"


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